The Driver Alarm

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This simple device attaches to your ear and sounds an alarm if your head should nod. Keeps sleepy drivers awake! The Driver Alarm keeps drowsy drivers from falling asleep at the wheel.

Have you ever driven a car or truck and you could barely keep your eyes open?

Driver Alarm - Stay Awake DeviceYou try to open the window to get the fresh air to wake up but that doesn't work for long, and you nod off, again and again.

Driver Alarm - Stay Awake Device

The "nap zapper" device can wake you up, save your life, the lives of your passengers, and others on the road (not to mention the expense of medical care and vehicle repair).

You place it over your ear and it sounds off if your head dips below a certain angle. Similar to a mercury switch. If you doze off, head nod alarm will wake you and your passengers.

Everyone has experienced drowsiness while driving. Some of us have actually fallen asleep only to be awakened by the blaring horn of an oncoming car!

Avoid this potential tragedy by wearing the Driver Alarm on your ear. If your head should bob down, the ear alarm will go off, waking you and any sleeping passengers in the vehicle. You can then swithc out drivers or have them talk to you for a while to get your mind going again. All sleepy drivers should use this protection device.

Late night trucker? Going on a vacation? If you're driving and prone to dozing off, you need this driver alarm.

Three AG13 Battery required - INCLUDED!

Stay Awake Devices for Sleepy Drivers

A driver alarm can keep you awake while driving. You attach it to your ear, and when your head nods below a certain angle, you will hear a loud sound and be awakened.

Driving can be exciting when you are taking short trips, say, out in the country, along the coast, or in a completely different culture altogether. But for longer trips, long-haul, cross-country trips, driving can be a dreaded task. For one, back roads can be extremely dangerous, and you could end up in a lot of trouble if you make a pit stop at a place that you know nothing about. You could also be too tired to drive, and when you fall asleep at the wheel, you can say goodbye to safety.

There are devices, however, that will allow you to stay awake at the wheel. These devices will emit loud sounds if you are detected to be falling asleep. One such product looks like a wireless phone device: you attach it to your ear, and when your neck and head fall below a certain allowable angle, it will start sounding and the sound will wake you up. This operates on the principle that when you start to fall asleep, then your head will nod and go below a certain angle that makes it difficult for you to see the road. You can avoid danger by getting yourself awakened, albeit rudely, by the driver alarm.

Who Needs One?

There are many people who now use and who could still benefit from the driver alarm. For one, truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road and are often the most tired from their long haul drives. If you are moving your things across the country, you will be driving at night, and you may also need such an alarm. In bad weather, you could find yourself stuck on the road late in the evenings, and you may be too tired to watch out for your safety. If you are on the graveyard shift at work, then you will also need your driver alarm to keep you awake. No matter how much coffee you drink, and no matter how well you think you have adapted your body to a new biological clock, you still need to stay awake at the wheel.

A driver alarm is one tool that you can use in order to stay awake while driving. Your safety, and the safety of other drivers on the road, can be ensured with a good driver alarm.