Shoulder Wrap with Neck Collar

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Quick Overview

  • Natural healing relief for shoulders, upper back and neck pain
  • Eases muscle tension and spasms
  • Removable neck pad
  • Flexible, multi-purpose, can be used across chest or abdomen to relieve cramps

For tense shoulders, a sore upper back, and a stiff neck – there’s one solution that covers it all: Therion’s magnetic shoulder collar and neck pad. Melting away stress and tension, it gently drapes over the shoulders to provide soothing magnetic therapy across the shoulders and upper back. As circulation and oxygenation increases, tight muscles begin to relax, and the body’s natural healing ability improves.

I am feeling good because of your wonderful products. I suffered from severe pain & numbness down my right arm & hand. This was caused by damage in my neck. Physical Therapy & neck exercises helped but I was able to manage the pain with your shoulder & neck wrap. Thank you so much Therion!

Nancy – Port Chester, NY

The removable, magnetic neck pad provides additional magnetic therapy for neck pain and stiffness, and is easily attached to the shoulder collar using an adjustable Velcro tab. The neck pad can be positioned anywhere on the shoulder collar to extend therapeutic coverage over areas such as the mid-back, chest, or a shoulder.

With its front Velcro closure, the lightweight and breathable shoulder collar can be easily adjusted for a comfortable fit. There are a total of twenty-eight (28) ceramic magnets (4,300 gauss each) in the shoulder collar and neck pad. They are soft and comfortable on your skin and, easily conform to your neck and shoulders.

 Please note: Not everyone can use magnets. There are a few restrictions.

Name Shoulder Wrap with Neck Collar
Size Universal
Magnet Size 1" diameter x 1/8" thick (Shoulder)
5/8" diameter x 1/8" thick (Neck)
Magnet Quantity 28
Polarity Bio-North (Negative) facing the body
Type of Magnet(s) Anisotropic Ceramic
Manufacturer Gauss Rating 4,300 G
Surface Gauss 1,200 G
Effective Penetration 5¼" (13 cm)
Maximum Penetration N/A
Material Soft-Plush
Color Platinum Gray
Country of Manufacture United States