Shieldite - Cell Phone Circle Diodes

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The Shieldite Cell Phone Circle is the newest and most effective form of EMF protection available for cell phones. Shieldite actually transmutes the surrounding electromagnetic fields into a harmless state. EMFs which were once harmful will now pass by with no negative effect on your body.

Anything that is electronic creates and EMF and causing adverse health effects on you whether you are aware or it or not. People who are not sensitive to EMFs may not even notice the negative effects until they try shieldite and notice they are less tired, more alert and even have reductions in pain. This is because the negative effects of EMFs have become the norm of how they expect to feel. If you are sensitive to EMFs you will notice immediate results as shieldite works immediately blocking the harmful EMFs.

The shieldite Cell Phone Circle is perfect protecting against cell phone radiation during calls. By sticking it to your cell phone all electromagnetic radiation within a 2-3 foot radius will be blocked. The Cell Phone Circle is specifically for cell phones so if you are looking for protection from all EMFs we suggest our Shieldite Pendants and using an Iyashi Bracelet, or Iyashi Pendant along with your shieldite pendant for maximum EMF protection in any situation. We always advise having a Cell Phone Circle as additional protection even if you are wearing a shieldite pendant.

How does Shieldite work

Shieldite forms in a unique has a unique molecular structure which allows it to absorb EMFs. Shieldite is primarily carbon based but the molecules form in clusters of 70-80 carbon units to form spheres which can hold the EMFs that are absorbed. Regular carbon found in a water filter forms in unorganized clusters of 5-6 carbon units. Shieldite essentially acts as a net for passing by EMFs!

How is Shieldite different from Scalar Pendants for EMF protection?

Scalar pendants and almost all other EMF protection devices work on the basis of strengthening you in an effort to repair and fight EMF damage that has already occurred. Shieldite on the other hand stops EMFs before they negatively affect you in the first place. It is the first device which takes preventive measure against EMFs.

How To Use Shieldite and Ground Shieldite

After using shieldite it will become full of the absorbed EMFs and will need to be discharged. This is very simple to do and can be achieved by grounding or earthing it. Click Here to view our manual on how to ground your shieldite.

You must ground your shieldite when you receive it, it will have absorbed negative EMFs during its time shipping.

The Shieldite Cell Phone Circle will need to be grounded or earthed every 24 hours for 15 minutes. This can be achieved by putting it in the physical earth, touching it against a grounded source in your house or using one of our grounding cables.

The Shieldite cell phone Circle comes with strong double sided tape on one side so once you attached it to either your cell phone or cell phone case it will not be easy to remove. We suggest sticking it to an area on the phone or phone case which will be easy to lean against a grounded source in your house.

As long as you ground your shieldite pendant it will never stop working and will last a life time. Be aware if the cell phone circle is knocked around a lot it is possible for it to come loose and fall off.

Tech Specs
- Proprietary BFIT Infusion
- Certified Shieldite Composition
- EMF Protection Certified
- WiFi, BlueTooth, Cell Signal Safe Certified