Satic Plugin - ES120- EMF Eliminator (2 plugins)

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Reduce EMF Radiation in Your Living or Working Spaces!

Satic USA, of Helena, Montana, manufactures efficient energy management products. Their products have 3rd party evaluations that have been shown to reduce electromagnetic field radiation. We are proud to carry these EMF Eliminator suitable for a condo/town home space, or specific high EMF emitter areas (hot tub, home entertainment centers, etc.)

Today's home is filled with electronic devices such as computers, tablets, compact florescent lights, home entertainment centers. These generate harmonics in your electrical circuits which contribute to higher EMF levels in your environment.

If you own your home, we recommend the Wire-in Model ES1PN because it is a larger unit that attaches to your breaker box and stops dirty power before it ever enters your home. This model is perfect for your townhome, apartment or condo because it's portable, and will work with dirty electricity as it flows though the A and B circuits you will plug it into on either side of  your kitchen sink. These units can also be used in one location, like a hot tub, or home stereo area. When you order, you will receive 2 plugins, one for each circuit.

Read about 4 different ways to reduce EMF in your home or condo. This article explains how the Satic products are different from the Stetzer filters and the Room Shield.

Reduce Harmonics & EMF

  • The results of these harmonics is what we call Electromagnetic Radiation or "dirty power", which result in inefficiencies and electrical spikes which can damage sensitive electronics.
  • By conditioning your electrical circuits, the electromagnetic radiation from wiring virtually disappears
  • Enjoy a cleaner, lighter feeling to the energy in your home!

Lower Electrical Bill

  • Increased longevity of electronics and appliances
  • Between 5%-30% energy savings per device (up to 60%)
  • Click on photo to see EMF radiation reduction with ES120

emf reduction using EMF Eliminator


Technical Specs and Benefits of the Satic Power Perfect EMF Eliminator

The EMF Eliminator utilizes unique harmonic rectifiers to reduce the total harmonic distortion in your electrical service as well as reduce EMF radiation, providing a cleaner electrical system for a healthier environment. This power management is accomplished using Satic’s proprietary ‘phase to neutral’ wiring configuration.

Voltage regulation Protects sensitive electronics
Surge protection Complete system protection
Amp reducing phase correction Lower electric bill
Harmonics & electrical noise filtration Clean power/clear audio & video
Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Reduction Healthier electrical environment

How to Use: Two Plug-in Units will work best in an apartment, condo or town home.  Product listing is for 2 Units.

  • Residential apartments, condos and town homes are wired in single-phase electric power which is then divided into Phase A and Phase B. The circuits follow the pattern A, B, A, B (see illustration).home breaker
  • These will be labeled for specific rooms or appliances in your house in case you "pop a breaker" and need to flip the switch to turn the power back on.
  • Plug one unit into your A electrical circuit and one unit into a B circuit. See the chart below that illustrates this.
  • If your microwave is on a breaker labeled Phase B and your guest bedroom is on a Phase A breaker - simply plug one unit into the same outlet as your microwave and one unit into an outlet in the guest room.
  • As long as there is one unit on each of these split phases, your whole house will be covered!
  • The reason we offer this product is for the EMF protection it provides.

Additional Applications: If you have an area that uses a lot of electricity, you may wish to buy an additional EMF Eliminator for your hot tub or ground source heat pump, stereo system, or any individual electronic unit. It will serve as a surge protector, line conditioner, voltage regulator and amp reducer for anything on that circuit (your breaker box will tell you what is on that circuit breaker). It will extend the life of the product, and save you money in your electric bill.