Power In A Magnet

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Based on two decades of research work by the late Dr. Ralph U. Sierra, one of the worldwide experts and pioneers of the Science of Biomagnetism and its application to the living systems. This simple and detailed guide assists both the individual consumer and health care practitioner to better understand and utilize magnetic energy.

"We now stand on the verge of a great new age in magnetic science and its applications, a tool that has been provided by Mother Nature itself." Dr. Ralph U. Sierra’s Power in a Magnet is a reference book on Biomagnetism that contains a careful look at how the use of magnets can benefit your life.

Great information and guide of how to treat different conditions. Plus to my surprise this book also includes Dr. Ralph Sierra original book which was also incredibly helpful.


Now, Dr. Irma I. Sierra, the daughter of Dr. Ralph U. Sierra, introduces a revised edition from the viewpoint of someone who has lived the magnetic ways almost all her life. Concerned with the expansion of magnetic products in the market – many lacking strength or with the wrong polarity to your body – has brought together new and updated information with a simple, practical, proven and efficient way of utilizing the power of a magnet to promote wellness. An indispensable reference guide, it contains the history, events, accomplishments and scientific studies on the subject of Biomagnetics from the past; and is used today by many practitioners.