Magnetic Pillow Pad

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Quick Overview

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Encourages soothing, sound sleep
  • Ease headaches and sinus congestion
  • (20) - 4,300 gauss magnets

Longing for sound, restful sleep? Experience the Therion magnetic pillow pad.

Two layers of soft foam surround twenty (20), ¾" diameter, 4,300 gauss magnets that soothe away headaches and stress. The magnets create a deep penetrating, natural, magnetic therapy field so you'll be able to relax more easily and sleep more soundly.

Unlike quilted pillows pads that are very stiff, we designed this pillow pad with a special ticking so it is very soft and comfortable to sleep on. The pad can easily be used for travel. It measures 14½" x 20" x ¾" thick.

The pad can be placed inside the pillow case, on top of your pillow.

 Please note: Not everyone can use magnets. There are a few restrictions.

Name Magnetic Pillow Pad
Size 14½ in. x 20 in x 3/4 in.
Magnet Size 3/4" diameter x 1/4" thick
Magnet Quantity 20
Polarity Bio-North (Negative) facing the body
Type of Magnet(s) Anisotropic Ceramic
Manufacturer Gauss Rating 4,300 G
Surface Gauss 1,200 G
Effective Penetration 5¼" (13 cm)
Maximum Penetration N/A
Material Top: Soft-Plush polyester
Bottom: Non-slide fabric
Color Ivory
Country of Manufacture United States