Magnetic Blanket Pad

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Quick Overview

  • Magnetic therapy for larger areas of the body while relaxing on a sofa or lounge chair, or while traveling
  • Pad can be used under or over your body
  • Flexible design comfortably drapes over body contours
  • Contains (77) large, 4,300 gauss magnets
  • Measures 24" x 36" x 3/4" thick

The Therion magnetic lounge pad allows you to apply magnetic therapy to larger areas of the body while relaxing on a sofa, lounge chair, or while traveling. The pad is very flexible so it can be placed under your body, or by flipping the pad upside down, the bio-north side can be draped over your body where it will comfortably conform to the area.

If you use a foam bed wedge for reading, the lounge pad can be placed on top of the foam wedge to ease muscle tension and stress for a more restful night's sleep.

Two layers of soft foam surround (77), ¾" diameter x ¼" thick, 4,300 gauss magnets. The magnets create a deep penetrating, magnetic therapy field to ease pain and tension while you relax.

Unlike quilted pads that are very stiff, we designed the lounge pad with a very soft fabric that is comfortable to use under or over the body. The pad measures 24" x 36" x ¾" thick and easily rolls up for travel.

NOTE: Please use one of our Magnetic Seat Pads if you would like a magnetic pad to sit on. The Lounge pad is not designed for that purpose.

 Please note: Not everyone can use magnets. There are a few restrictions.

Name Magnetic Blanket Pad
Size 24 in. x 36 in. x 3/4 in.
Magnet Size 3/4" diameter x 1/4" thick
Magnet Quantity 77
Polarity Bio-North (Negative) facing the body
Type of Magnet(s) Anisotropic Ceramic
Manufacturer Gauss Rating 4,300 G
Surface Gauss 1,200 G
Effective Penetration 5¼" (13 cm)
Maximum Penetration N/A
Material Super-Plush polyester
Color Ivory
Country of Manufacture United States