LEVEL 1: L11-P All Brass Polished Shield- with Polishing Cloth

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Reliable Protection and Balancing

The All-Brass Shield is an excellent multi-purpose Shield, providing protection from all types of electromagnetic radiation as well as negative energy from people, places, or things.

How to use it
  • This is a very durable metal and is an excellent choice for anyone concerned with price.
    Although we highly recommend a Level 2 or 3 Shield for adults - if price is the difference between getting a Shield or not, then opt for a Level 1 and upgrade later if possible. 
  • Ideal protection for children and even babies (READ MORE). If they're too young to wear a Shield, hang it next to or over their bed or crib. It will protect them all night and build up a residual cocoon of protection that will last all day and evening until they go to bed. Can be pinned to diapers too.
  • Adults - simply wear the Shield around your neck or carry in a pocket. We do recommend highly that adults opt for a Level 2 or 3 Shield - with the amount of bombardment and WiFi everywhere, we feel that the additional protection is warranted.
  • Can be converted to a Room Shield when you upgrade to a higher level Shield
  • Protects your brain and body from radiation from cell phones, computers, wireless networks, etc.
  • Deflects unhealthy negative energy including negative emotional
    energy from situations or people.
  • Balances your energy (including your chakras)
  • Sharpens your mental skills, including focus and concentration
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Lowers your stress by deflecting any unhealthy energies that deplete your physical and emotional reserves

Shield Specifications
  • Polished finish
  • Handcrafted in Montana, USA
  • Each Shield is 1.18" /2.99cmdiameter, weighs .5 oz./14 grams/Waterproof
  • Comes with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Ready to wear, it is packaged in a lovely gift box which contains the Shield in a black tarnish-resistant pouch, instructions and a silky black cord.
International Customers
  • If you live outside of the USA or Canada, once you have chosen your Shield style, you must also order the international gem matrix. We will put the correct crystal matrix in your Shield as long as we know where you live, so please add this information in the notes section of the shopping cart as you check out.

Last but not least: Polishing Kits are not refundable, even as part of this order. If you return a brass shield, we will refund you the cost of the Shield minus the $7.50 for the kit. Once we send them out we are not comfortable accepting them back since there is no seal on the package. This way you know that the kit you get is always a new and unopened by anyone but you!

level 1


Energy Protection*:

Most Affordable

Ideal for: Babies, Young Children, Students, City or Suburban Dwellers, budget minded who want very good protection for an excellent price.

• A necessity for you if you live around technology- even if you are not using it much or at all.

•Deflects and protects you from all kinds of negative energy - including other people's stress or bad moods.

•Wearers report their stress is reduced, humor is restored, and energy is more balanced and steady all day.

emf protection shield

A Few Notes about the Brass Shields

  • The All-Brass Shield does tarnish quickly for some people. Depending on your body chemistry, please be aware that your Shield will change color ranging from a lovely bronze brown to green. This is natural oxidation process for any brass that has not been sealed in polyurethane. Performance is not affected by tarnish.
  • As long as you are choosing function over appearance, you will love this Shield.
  • To assist you with the tarnishing issue, this Shield comes with a free polishing cloth and a drawstring pouch (so you can carry in a pocket or pin this shield to your clothing). To maximize appearance, polish daily.
  • Do not seal your Shield with nail polish or any coating, as this will significantly interfere with the performance of the Shield.
  • If you chose, you can upgrade to another shield within 3 months and get the full trade-in value of your original shield. If you trade up between 3 months and a year, you can upgrade and get full trade-in value less $35 recharging/repolishing fee (Shield must be in good condition to trade-in).Please consult How to Choose a Shield to read about ALL the style and strength choices you have when ordering a new Shield or take our Quiz for a recommendation.
  • As long as you understand that you will either have to polish the Shield regularly, or accept the natural character of brass to oxidize, you should be very pleased with this choice. This Shield is an excellent choice where price is more of an issue than appearance.