Let's GET You Happy First: 4 Steps To Get You to Your Happy

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Let's Get You Happy First: 4 Steps to Your Happy inspires, empowers and guides you beyond frustration, fear, limiting beliefs, not feeling good enough, and aimless mind chatter!

Filled with personal insights for everyday living, Jenenne Macklin draws on 20 years of clinical and spiritual experience to reveal the missing link in creating the life you want.

How did  Jenenne overcome the challenges of adoption, abuse, negative mindset and betrayal to move from fear to finding her happy?  What were her challenges?

In this book, you'll recognize yourself and your stories and be given your personal tool kit for transformation Filled with easy, step-by-step Take Action Now exercises for empowerment and fulfillment, Let's Get You Happy First offers a proven way to change your perspective on life.

If you've been through a break-up, shake-up or breakdown, get set for Let's Get You Happy First to give you the powerful breakthrough you've been waiting for.
You'll learn how to:
*    Identify hidden beliefs that actively sabotage your happy.
*    Discover the missing link that limits your efforts to create a happy life.
*    Harness the power of your thoughts.
*    Recognize the greatest power you possess to be happy today.

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