Fanfuser 2-Speed Diffuser

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A quiet, safe, and easy-to-use forced-air diffuser. With options for both high and low speeds, the Aroma Therapeutix Fanfuser covers up to a 500 sq ft room. You even have the options to use several essential oil at once! Two pad cartridges for essential oils are included with the Fanfuser.

You can use oils of any thickness and fragrance because they’re placed onto a section of the pad, thus avoiding any of the Fanfuser's moving parts. It then uses room temperature air to disperse the aroma of the essential oils. This fan diffuser is perfect for any environment: business and medical offices, nursing homes, massage therapy, and, of course, your home! Once the pads have outlived their use, they’re easy and expensive to replace.

Please follow the manufacturer instructions and be mindful of the amount of essential oil when used around children.