Chamae Rose

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Chamae Rose Product Description

Chamae Rose is at the heart of the Harmonic Innerprizes story. Researching the powerful


herb is what lead to the discovery of the Etherium deposit. Research into why this herb processed such powerful properties led to analyzing the soil it was growing in.  It was discovered that specific electromagnetic patterns that ran through the soil transferred powerful energies to the roots of the plants.*  

The naturally occurring monatomic elements that have been discovered in Etherium Gold are absorbed by the roots, making them available in organic form. Chamae Rose supports general detoxification and healthy liver function.*

It serves as both a cleansing agent and a tonic.* It supports healthy liver function and lung health.*

Most noticeably, Chamae Rose has the ability to beautify the skin.* Due to the herb’s general detoxification properties, the skin gains a beautiful, healthy glow.* The skin takes on a suppleness and youthful appearance.* However, achieving visible changes in your skin’s appearance will take time. Remember, before this can happen, your body must undergo a general detoxification, which usually takes two or three months.*

Please see the Chamae Rose companion products that are specific for those working to support lung or liver health.*