Morton's Salt Safe

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We love our children dearly, but can we always trust them? Although their intent is not to hurt us, their need for an extra $50 bucks is overpowering...and they can't pass up that trip to the newest store opening at the mall.

Salt Container Hidden Safe

Yes, it's disappointing to find out your first born is a sticky-fingered thief. But some of us parents keep a stash of cash hidden just in case of an emergency.  Especially with our economy today, any extra cash is helpful. It would be very frustrating to go to the bureau drawer to grab that Ulysses S. Grant only to find he vanished!

Keep your emergency funds safe from mysteriously disappearing with this clever hidden safe - it looks like a container of salt that is kept in your spice cabinet!

Looks like a normal container of salt, but is actually a secret hidden safe for your valuables.

Salt Container Hidden Safe

This is one of many different types of hidden safes we carry on this site. Be sure to browse the vast selection to see which one fits in best in your house.

Interior Dimensions of Container: 2 1/4" x 3"