Iyashi Wand (All-purpose zero point energy harmonization tool)

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The Iyashi Wand is an all-purpose zero point energy harmonization tool. Infused with our proprietary full spectrum BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology).It carries over 18000+ beneficial frequencies that align with all the major energetic systems including your bio-field. These frequencies are primarily based on an holistic approach of brining bio-field into complete balance. But it can be used for much more.

What is the Iyashi wand made of

The Iyashi wand is made in a stainless steel pen shaped encasing to provide an esthetic place for the energy to manifest. Inside The Iyashi Wand contains a proprietary mix of crystals and other crystal-minerals and proprietary powders. This blend also creates a powerful negative ionic stream which has additional benefits of increased energy, balancing ones bio-field and a feeling of well-being.

In all the Iyashi Wand includes these technologies.
-subtle BFIT energy infusion with over 18000+ healing frequencies
-negative ions
-far-infrared energy
-scalar and zero point energies


Each Iyashi Wand is individually tested by an expert VibraScan1100 technician to ensure each wand meets our high standards of product excellence and energy requirements at the correct energy level. Each Iyashi wand also comes with a lifetime guarantee and a full 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked.
Feel free to browse our testimonials. If you have an Iyashi wand we would love to hear how you are using it, the results you are having and share it with others.

How Can The Iyashi Wand Be Used?

For a simple guide on how to use the Iyashi Wand please click here.
The Iyashi wand can also be used with other holistic and alternative wellness modalities to help direct the energy or enhance it. These range from Acupressure to Balancing Chakras, or combined with similar practices. The Iyashi Wand can be used with almost anything. To use the Iyashi wand in conjunction with a holistic wellness modality simply adapt and use it on the areas you are trying to address or hold it as an extension of your hands. If you have questions about how to integrate the Iyashi wand into a specific modality, please contact our research and development team here.

What Comes With The Iyashi Wand

Each Iyashi wand has the name Iyashi imprinted on the side of the wand and additionally comes with;
-1 Authenticity card embedded with negative ions which act as its own scalar energy device.
-1 Imitation leather carrying case with the IIT logo on.
-1 Wand sized jewelry box with Iyashi Wand and the Iyashi Symbol on the case.


Tech Specs:
- BFIT (Full Spectrum) Infused
- VibraScan 1100 Tested
- Stainless Steel Encasement
- Bio-mineral blend inside
- Iyashi Ceramics Inside
- Iyashi EnerPoint Technology