Iyashi Dumortierite Scalar Energy Pendant

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Dumortierite is the crystal of order, patience, and understanding. It can provide guidance when faced with difficult decisions, allowing you to examine what is at hand and lead you make the right choice.  Dumortierite is a crystal that can help with growth and transformation by breaking current patterns or belief systems that no longer serve a positive purpose. It allows you to cut off connections with worn-out, negative thoughts or pathologies that are holding you back from taking your true path. This can involve releasing previous fears which allow you to take new paths forward that you previously were not able to take. Its energy helps enhance organizational skills, and improve self-discipline which brings clarity to a scattered mind. A clear mind brings deep serenity and inner peace. Dumortierite is also for someone with a creative mind as the organization and order it creates brings new energy, leading to a heightened state of expression and creativity.

Dumorierite can be used for activating the third eye chakra, connecting it to the crown chakra, thus allowing you tap into the universe. It is the ideal stone to use for anyone trying to tap into innate psychic gifts they may possess. Whether trying to develop or boost them, dumorierite can help you realize your true potential. It also helps improve intuitiveness, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, visions, channeling, and any other physic abilities. Apart from this, it also stimulates the brain by improving information retention needed when  performing activities like studying.


Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology  (BFIT)  – Infused with 18000+ beneficial vibrational frequencies

The Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants are made of natural crystals infused via BFIT with over 18,000 beneficial vibrational frequencies. The crystals have their own unique natural energy which is the scalar energy intrinsic to that crystal. When the crystals are infused using BFIT, a full-spectrum of vibrational frequencies are also infused in that crystal. A portion of these infused frequencies are the same frequencies of energy the crystal possesses naturally. When these same frequencies are infused, they become stronger. This leaves each crystal with a stronger, natural energy along with the underlying full-spectrum of frequencies created by BFIT.

The Iyashi Crystal Series Scalar Energy Pendant’s strongest energy is derived from its natural traits along with the full-spectrum energy. The full-spectrum infused energy strengthens your bio-field, balances all chakras, and clears general energy blockages. This gives each pendant its own unique traits while still providing overall benefits for everyone!


How to Choose a Pendant?

There is no wrong choice when choosing a pendant because each one has the same full- spectrum energy infused via BFIT. Depending on your current situation in life and your personality traits, a certain crystal’s energy may resonate with you more, or you may just find one crystal’s traits more attractive. Our pendant comparison chart gives a brief overview of the pendants to help you make a selection. With the Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants you can always use multiple pendants at once but make sure to introduce them individually to your energy field.


Other Important Information

  1. Crystals must be cleansed periodically as they pick up your energy and other surrounding energy quite readily. To keep your Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendant working optimally you should clear it periodically. You can read about how to do this here.
  2. Each pendant comes on a 70cm chain. If you find this chain too long feel free to cut it down. First unhook the clasp which holds the two ends of chain together then, with wire cutters or scissors, cut the chain down to an appropriate length, or replace it with a chain of your choice
  3. Each crystal pendant will vary in design and composition. All the Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants are made from natural crystals so their designs, consistency, color and composition will vary just as natural crystal formations do. No two crystals will look the same! Each crystal will measure 1 ¼  inches in length and is about  1/3 inch wide in a pendulum shape.