Happy Buddha Necklace

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Ancient Wisdom, Sacred Symbols

Ancient symbols represent eternal truths and, when worn, endow the wearer with their sacred wisdom and magical qualities. This talismanic collection is crafted in lead-free pewter, genuine crystals and powerful intention in order to capture the original purpose of each piece. Releasing the timeless power of the ancient world into the new millennium.

Happy Buddha Necklace

Buddha - or Awakened One, was the name given to Siddhartha, the founder of Buddhism, 2,500 years ago. The Buddha symbol represents achieving self realization and a spiritual path of enlightenment. It is the search for compassion, wisdom and truth. It is a journey in seeking knowledge, peace and inner tranquility. The Happy Buddha is significant with self awareness and teaches us that happiness and freedom are already ours. We are free when we stop believing and identifying with the image we have of ourselves in our own heads. It is through meditation that we see and eventually free ourselves from debilitating images. Happiness and freedom are already ours when we stop getting caught up in our own hypothesizing and agitated thinking, which is what meditation is really about.

This beautifully crafted fine pewter necklace comes on a legend card with a 33" long cord.