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Created from some of my greatest desert finds, I have put together a wonderful healing set of stones to be used for grounding, protection, solitude, peace of mind and connecting to Earth energies! I have acquired these stone from desert climates all over the world, making it easily accessible to you! These stones mean a lot to me and I know you will truly appreciate them. I have brought them together into a kit for healing purposes.

Desert Rose: This is a beautiful variety of gypsum that forms in the spaces between sand particles. Desert rose is helpful in releasing old belief systems and useful in strengthening affirmations with heartfelt intent. Also called the selenite rose, it is useful for gently grounding scattered energy or energy that is wasted on old ideas

Sedona Vortex Stones: Famous for its energy centers or vortex, Sedona has become a magnet for those seeking powerful enlightenment and a spiritual connection. These amazing stones pulse with energy! My stones have been gathered at the Cathedral Rock Vortex. This vortex, also loving referred to as "mama rock", has a compassionate, nurturing, feminine energy that engulfs you when you work with these stones.

Moqui Ball: This is a sacred stone from the Navajo Sandstone formations. These stones offer insight, as they are able to sharpen the eye of its owner, bringing knowledge of what is natural and right. They bring inner peace and harmony to those who embrace them. Said to be used to contact extra-terrestrials, they are used for visioning and for journeys. They act as a protector when placed in one's environment.

San Andreas Fault Stone: These earth stones are grounding especially during times of upheaval in our lives. Considered a "guardian stone", it embodies the elemental powers of fire and earth, molding together material that brings security, guarded protection and steadfastness. This stone can literally change your life's "landscape" and offer you a whole new picture or perspective on something that may have been lying just beneath the surface. A great stone to encourage new beginnings. 

Barite Rose: These very unique stone is an aggregate of barite (barium sulfate) crystals and sand whose iron content gives it a reddish hue. American Indian legend tells that spirits of Indian warriors returned to carve the Barite rose. It provides a strong and delicate connection to the spirit world, and assists one on the path toward the journey and the goal. It can help relax the nervous system. In addition to the dream and spiritual journeying, they offer a good solution for relationship loyalty, addiction, cleansing. 

Atacama Desert Halite: The Atacama Desert of northern Chile is the driest desert on Earth. These deposits are largely composed of Ca sulphate and halite. This special white salt is only waiting for the moment to have its inherent stored energy and its bio-photon content set free, by adding water to it. Place some healing salt in a hot bath. Heat magnifies the natural healing properties of the salt. The salt will dissipate slowly, prolonging your enjoyment. 

Black Obsidian: Volcanic eruptions in the Black Spring area of the Black Rock Desert in western Utah spewed out the volcanic rocks of rhyolite, pumice, and obsidian. This rich obsidian is a dark colored volcanic glass formed when molten lava cools quickly. It is usually black but colored varieties range from brown to red.

Thunder eggs: These stones are rough spheres usually containing centers of chalcedony in the form of agate, jasper or opal. These particular stones in my collection are found in the Black Rock Desert, as well as within a rhyolitic lava flow region. It was their belief that if they were powerful enough to contain and hold the energies of a volcanic eruption they could also store the energies of humans making them ideal for healing or protective amulets. 

Arizona Meteorites: are magnetic and magical. The meteorites that have iron in them are actually attracted to magnets. Magnetic meteorites attracts and repel energies and are use for sedation. It acts as a grounding stone. because of its magnetic charge, it may temporarily align the Chakra, as well as stimulate the subtle auric and etheric bodies. It assists in telepathy, meditation and visualization. They can provide stability and balance including balancing the intellect and our emotion state. It brings a centering perspective and trust within your own intuition. Try using it to alleviate negativity such as fear, anger and grief. It brings positive qualities such as tenacity and endurance. 

The kit includes: extensive details on how I found these stones and how to work with all 9 of them. I will show you how to clean them, use them for healing and how you attune/bond with them. I've included the history of each one of them and most importantly, their metaphysical properties! I include 1 (one) of each stone mentioned, a bundle of Mt. Shasta Sage, a 4" x 4" copper grid plate for creating your own ley lines and stone grids, incense cones and some great grid suggestions.